Tempering channel cleaning of die casting moulds

In order to maintain a continuously constant quality in the tempering of die casting moulds, it is necessary to clean the tempering channels at periodic intervals. The Robamat mould cleaning units can remove pollution such as cracked oil, lime, metal chips from the mould channel. At the same time the flow can be monitored and the channel can be checked for leaks.



Types of cleaning agents

Curatech TA 279

Especially suitable for the cleaning of oil-polluted die channels.
Use concentration: 2 - 3%.
Curatec TS 767

Cleaning- and decalcification agent, especially suitable for cleaning polluted and calcified die channels.
Use concentration: 2 - 3%

Ideal use of the die cleaning unit

Tool shop
After the cleaning, leakage test and flow inspection has been carried out, the die is ready to be assembled to the die casting machine.


Technical Data:
Number 1
Flow temperature  
max. temperature for oil channels 60 °C
max. temperature for water channels 40 °C
Heating capacity at 400V  
Standard 12 KW
Pump capacity  
Type PMW
max. capacity 60 l/min
max. pressure 6 bar
Capacity 1 KW
Standard Flow
Connection pressure  
Standard 400V/50Hz 3PE
System circuit 1/2"
Cooling water circuit 1/2"
Length 1330 mm
Width 710 mm
Height 1600 mm
Weight empty 230 kg
Total weight 410 kg

Basic equipment:

  • Peripheral pump with magnetic coupling and ceramic shaft
  • Dry run protection
  • Manometer in flow
  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Detachable casing
  • Colour blue/grey
  • Control cabinet IP54
  • All components made of non-corrosive materials
  • Separate tank
  • µP128 micro process control with multilingual plain text display
  • Simple handling
  • Target/actual temperature display
  • Setpoint switching (Start/Production)
  • Cooling with automatic stop
  • Timer switch
  • Operational hour meter
  • Service interval
  • Malfunction and warning information with code and plain text
  • Sensor break monitoring
  • Monitoring of the maximum and minimum set value
  • Integrated storage model
  • Error log with date and time


    • Release device
    • Flow measurement


    • Conection cable
    • Cleaning agent carbonization
    • Cleaning agent calcification

    Further options and attachments on request