Pressurized suction unit

In order to be able to carry out tempering, even on defective channels, we have developed a water tempering unit especially for this field of application, in which tempering is possible if leaks of up to 6mm occur in the tempering channel.


Suction water unit

By using two pumps the tempering medium is pumped to the defective point and can be sucked out from this point by the second pump. Leaks of up to 6mm in diameter can therefore be easily tempered.


Technical Data:
Number 1
Flow temperature  
max. 80 °C
Heat capacity at 400V  
Standard 6 KW
Standard 9 KW
Standard 12 KW
Cooling capacity  
Cooling water temperature 20 °C
Flow temperature 80 °C
Amount of cooling water 20 l/min
Standard 25 KW at Δ T 60 K
Pump capacity  
max. capacity 60 l/min
max. pressure 6 bar
Output 1 KW
Standard Flow
Optional Return flow
Optional External
Connection voltage  
Standard 400V/50Hz 3PE
Circular flow 1/2"
Cooling water circular flow 1/2"
Width 330 mm
Height 945 mm
Depth 820 mm
Standard 130 kg

Basic equipment:

  • Peripheral pump with magnetic clutch and ceramic shaft
  • Fully automated ventilation
  • Automatic water refill
  • Dry run protection
  • Internal bypass
  • Pressure gauge in the flow pipe
  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Detachable casing
  • Colouring blue/grey
  • Control cabinet IP54
  • All components made of non-corrosive materials
  • Individually replaceable heating rods
  • µP128 Micro process control with multilingual plain text display
  • Simple handling
  • Target /actual temperature display
  • Setpoint switching (Start/Production)
  • Cooling with automatic stop
  • Timer switch
  • Operational hour meter
  • Service interval
  • Malfunction- and warning information with code and plain text
  • Sensor break monitoring
  • Monitoring of the maximum and minimum set value
  • Integrated storage model
  • Error log with date and time
  • Energy-saving mode


      • Blow fixture Cooler
      • Return flow sensor
      • Flow measurement 4 - 50 l/min
      • Plexiglas front cover
      • External switch-on connection
      • External sensor connection (Fe/CuNi)
      • External sensor connection (PT100)
      • Interface RS485
      • Moulding cycle-break
      • Central malfunction indicator: red light
      • Central malfucntion indicator: plug
      • Central malfunction indicator: horn door
      • Central malfunction indicator: sound generator lid
      • Operating status indicator: green light
      • Operating status indicator: plug
      • Interface Profibus external (up to 8 circuits)
      • Interface Profibus internal


              • Power cable
              • Installation kit system circuit
              • Installation kit cooling water connection
              • Pump protection filter with filter element
              • PC-Program

              Further options and attachments on request